Hyerim Yeo


Turing Complete User

Users have received a bad reputation after considering the emergence of technology and the relationship between humans and computers. However, she believes that invisible users are more problematic than invisible computers. In addition, she would like users to use more internet and applications and say what they really want to in the Internet world. I absolutely understand the think of Lialina’s definition of the user. This is because more and more people want to show what they want and what they want to show on their website in contemporary times. It is not difficult to create a website in person. According to the second article, “website allow the author to create not only works but also the world (the rooms, the arrangement of rooms, the architecture!)” Through this opinion of the website, I also realise that the website is for developers and promotes company promotion and personal users who can show their world to people.
I have a specific purpose for using websites. The goal is that I usually promote my artwork through a website. Thus, I think I am like an artist - user. I definitely agree with Schwulst’s description of the user. She said that the website is like a garden, shelf and plant. I also can metaphor my website as my art gallery. I always exhibit my art gallery on my website to show my drawing and painting. In addition, it is one of the best places for me to express who I am and what the purpose of my drawing is. People come into my exhibition for free and look around. I sometimes feel exhausted managing my website, but it is useful for me to become an artist in the world.