Hyerim Yeo


Tool StanDards Poctics

Both articles mention the same element which is the “open source”. Those articles explain the advantage of open source. The advantage of it is that people can use it for free. Developed open source led to improve the creativity of designers. The first article ,' The Programmed Designer’. focuses on explaining the relationship between Adobe, Apple and graphic design. Today, Adobe and Apple are definitely necessary for the profession, especially for graphic designers. Through this program, the production graphic design and identity of the graphic design is improved. As a result of this situation, most students learned these programs in school and studios. Adobe is not free for designers, so they pay the monthly or yearly fees. However, thinking about other points of view, through this program tends to give restriction to exploring other design tools and ways. This is because this program is not based on open source. The second article, ‘Microsoft and the Yeomen Coders', concentrates on describing characteristics of open source and its role in our life. Open source gives a lot of chances for programmers to copy and modify code. However, software companies dissent this source as well as the majority of programmers who had learned their craft. The author claims that open source should be more common for designers. It is quite difficult for me to consider the best solution to this issue. I think it is not a simple thing, so I would like to communicate with classmates to solve this problem.

In my opinion, Adobe and Apple are not different one. The majority of people consider that Adobe and Apple are today synonymous , which are really important programs for designers. It is difficult to think about doing graphic design without these programs. Actually, I usually use these programs to design motion, typography, and other designs. This is because it is really useful for us to create what we want. One of the crucial graphic design skills is using visually interesting elements appropriately through using different tools. Even though designers still use these programs, they should not stop thinking about innovative ideas.